• attic part 01: work begins

    "We're turning our attic into a master suite."

    Someone, somewhere, is adding that exact phrase to the latest edition of "Famous Last Words of Do-It-Yourselfers Whose Houses Tragically Ate Them".

  • attic part 02: drywalling

    We read all the home improvement books, watched all the improvement shows. We learned about drywall screws versus drywall nails, the finer points of mudding and taping, the importance of measuring twice and cutting once.

    But no one said anything about the bribery.

  • attic part 03: eave closets

    Adding much-needed storage, recycling all that paneling, and creating patented new acrobatic maneuvers that you'll never see at the circus.

    Just another day here at Hall House.

  • attic part 04: taping & mudding

    Yeah, we have the corner trowels.

    They suck.

  • attic part 05: texturing

    We wanted to do something out of the ordinary for texture. Using paint rollers fit the bill.

    Who knew there's an actual reason most people use a spray texture? Good bicep workout, though.

  • attic part 06: refinishing the floor

    "I think those fumes are giving me a headache."

    "Really? Aren't you wearing your respirator mask thingie?"

    "Does the dust mask count?"

  • attic part 07: priming & painting

    You thought we were crazy for our two-color living room?

    Try our four-color master suite.

    With stripes.

  • attic part 08: laying vinyl tiles

    Vinyl isn't so much "Arts and Crafts" as it is "Cheap and Easy".

  • attic part 09: redoing the windows

    "Salvaging the old windows will be cheaper than replacing them." That's what we told ourselves. Word of advice? Figure in the cost of the couples therapy before you decide if it's really cheaper.

  • attic part 10: finishing up

    Whereas the big work to this point caused soul-crushing despair at times, the final stage is nothing but a death of a thousand paper cuts.

  • attic part 11: moving in

    Otherwise titled: "Fate is an Evil Sadistic Bitch Goddess with a Wicked Sense of Humor".

  • attic part 12: decorating

    In which we go on a quest to turn our new master suite into a French garret.

  • attic photos

    Before, during, and after. AKA, proof that we're both crazy and awesome.