living & dining rooms, part 8: living room artwork

08.08 let me count the ways

click to see the full photo galleryAwhile back, Sal discovered the electrical certification from when the house was first wired posted on one of the ceiling beams in the basement. It was kind of hidden away behind a heating duct, which is why we only recently noticed it. After some debate, we decided to leave it there instead of putting it with our collection of found objects we've discovered in the house and yard over the years.

Other than being an incredibly cool piece of the house's history, it gave us a surprise: we discovered that our house number was originally 314. From the moment we found that out, I had an idea for a piece of artwork to commemorate that old piece of the house's identity. When I described it to Sal, he understood instantly what I had envisioned and was even completing my sentences as I excitedly detailed what we'd do.

We used three 12x12 canvases and paint we already had. We had great fun doing it together and it only took a couple of hours, including drying time. (Apologies for the blurry pics -- we were using a pretty old camera -- but hopefully you can see some of the texture detail that really makes these so cool.)

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