porch & exterior, part 6: priming

03.06 - 04.06 paying someone to do the work we hate the most

click to see the full photo galleryWhen last we left off with house painting, the contractor had come to winterize the house so it would be ready for prep work in the spring. Since we were on the job list from the fall, we were at the top of the list once the spring weather cooperated.

Well, perhaps "cooperated" is too optimistic a word. This is Oregon, after all. But as soon as there were openings -- three or four days here, a day or two there -- our painting contractor was out to get to work. And there was A LOT of work to be done: scraping away all that flaky, peeling paint. Scraping, scraping, aaaaand scraping.

Then there were holes to fill in with house bondo, and more minor repairs to make (even though we were just positively sure we'd gotten them all during the winterizing phase...alas, there are always more). And then the sanding. And the sanding. Aaaand the sanding.

Not to mention the priming, my god the priming! Glad we didn't have to do any of it. The house painting may have been the biggest we've check we've written to date for a house project (and hopefully, will remain so for quite some time) -- but worth it for this part of the project alone. Man, so worth it. Quite frankly, if the contractor knew just how much we despise prep work, he would've charged us double and we would've happily paid it.

Shhh...don't tell him that.

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