• library part 01: getting started

    Some people take ski vacations during the winter break. Some plan elaborate family get-togethers that may or may not resemble a Griswold family Christmas. Some take the opportunity to relax and do nothing while they have time off work.

    We? Turn the house upside down and start a project that will make us battered and sore for months. Happy Hall-idays!

  • library part 02: refinishing the floor

    Refinishing a floor is a backbreaking job. Having a Lord of the Rings marathon in the midst of it adds a degree of complication, but reduces the suckage quotient by a factor of three.

    Home Improvement calculus...not for first year math students.

  • library part 03: scraping the trim

    In which we drastically underestimate the time and effort involved in removing old paint.

    In other words, pretty much a regular old day at Hall House.

  • library part 04: fixing the window & wall

    We both love puzzles and games of skill.

    Although more in the form of entertainment and not so much, you know, home improvement challenges.

  • library part 05: painting the room

    No one believed us when we said one of the rooms in our house was painted Pepto-Bismol pink.

  • library part 06: installing hardware

    All that hard work -- the floors, the trim, the paint, the unseen repairs -- but it's the finishing details that'll make or break your project.

    Hardly seems fair, does it?

  • library photos